Whether you have 1 dog staying with us or more we can accommodate their needs. We are pleased
to introduce kennels that will guarantee a happy, safe and fun environment for your canine family
member, catering to everyone dog’s and human’s needs. It is important to us that your dog feels
safe and secure while feeling happy and content either when just resting or playing.

We have extra large indoor insulated kennels where your dog can comfortably relax during our hot summers or stay warm in winter.  Our exercise yards are huge because we believe that dogs should be able to be dogs and run and play in a area which is just like being home.  Dogs can freely wander around during the day in safety, sit under a tree or relax on trampoline dog beds.

Our Kennels

Our Kennels are built with besser block both external and internal walls, including a 1200mm high separation solid wall between each kennel & galvanised fencing reaching 800mm to the ceiling. This barrier between kennels is for the safety & hygiene along with the well being of each dog. This wall between kennels is also a barrier between dogs who may be aggressive towards other dogs or start an unwanted behaviour of barking or running up and down the fence.

Because of the extreme weather conditions, the roof is sandwich insulated adding comfort from the hot sun and cold rain. Each individual kennel is spacious allowing your dog plenty of room to move without upsetting their neighbour and has individual indoor sleeping quarters.

Health & Hygiene

Health & Hygiene The solid brick wall between each kennel stops dogs all urine and faeces from entering another kennel. This stops any infection from contaminating other kennels and spreading any infection among dogs. The entire kennels are fully weatherproof and insulated for the comfort of your dog.

Twice a day all droppings are collected and disposed of through a septic system and each kennel is journeyed out from front to back going into a drain at the rear of the kennel and out to a septic system. The floor has a 50mm drop from front to back and all water flows outside into a drain so as not to leave any small ponds around. We also wanted to make sure that the kennels would be disease free and we have added antibacterial covering on both floors and walls for this purpose.

A vaccination certificate is required on or before arrival and no dog will enter kennels without viewing of a certificate stating that the minimum of C5 has been administered in the last 12 months. A copy of your dog’s vaccination certificate will be kept on file here. We recommend worming your dog before arriving & tick & flea treatment is also required prior to entry.

If your dog is on any mediation please discuss this with us when you book in. All medication should be brought on arrival stating the dog’s name, dosage and when best to administer.

Why do we ask you to bring your own dry biscuits?

Changing a dogs diet can be very upsetting on top of being away from home and family so we ask you to bring your dog biscuits that your dog eats for the length of time and he feels comfortable and won’t get an upset stomach. If you wish us to purchase this for you we can, but the cost will be added to your bill. If your dog requires a special diet please advise us so that we can discuss what is best for your pet.

It is important your dog gets exercise and we have large runs just for this activity. Your dog will be able to run and play freely and we also provide quality 1 on 1 time. Making for a happy pet. We like to take your dog/s for walks and if possible for swims in the dam if time allows us. Interacting with your dog/s is very important for their well being.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security Secure fencing around the full area of all kennels and exercise yards with a 6 -7 feet high fencing, underground cement wall and laneway for individual dogs to move from exercise yard and back to there kennel is in place. Security cameras are placed inside and outside the kennels so that all dogs can be viewed when we are not accompanying them via computer or mobile phone. A 1200mm brick wall separates each kennel with weldmesh above the brick wall going straight up to the ceiling. This is so that dogs can not intimidate each other causing stress and aggression.

Large and small dogs unless from the same family will not run together. No exceptions.  If you have a family of dogs they will board together unless you tell us differently.  After all they are family.